Digital Marketing Team


Who are we  What we do —  What we believe in?

We are a digital marketing agency working for B2B brands.
We do creative work on a daily basis, and we're always up for a new experience.
We believe that every B2B company deserves to have a well optimized
digital presence – and we enable them achieve this goal.

Need a website?

We'll create and develop one on Odoo for you!

Do you need new media?

We'll craft new logo, banner, snippet, infographic,
and even write content for you!

Maybe fresh website design?

We'll design an amazing one for you!

Or possibly generated leads?

We'll carefully find and generate the right leads,
that will help your business reach the right customers!

Video Production

We plan, we produce, we create video content for your products and solutions.

First plan

We consume information about what your
product is and what it need to be documented.  
customer for this feature.


We write the script, create ideas, 
make a vision of how the video
will come up at the end.


The video editor starts directing, producing,
editing and completing the video.


There are revisions based on the
specifications of the customer, likings,
and the final version gets finished
and put out live.


The video gets distributed on all channels
the company uses, such as Social Media, etc.


Monthly/Weekly analytics plan sent out
of how the video is doing, so all necessary
tracking is done.

E-Commerce Website & Graphics Design

We use our creativity, our ideas, to come up with the best looking design for
the projects you need.


You tell us what your business is about,
our job is to create a brand logo for you.

E-Commerce UI/UX Design

We can design and create a website for you!
We get on a call to discuss requirements, also references and we work and talk on weekly basis
to freshen up your website.


If you're in a need of an infographic for a product,
or a solution, or maybe something else you plan to put out in the market, we do the design and concept for you.


We can do all kind of social media banner designs, also we can do a poster design for events for your company.

Social Media & Banners

If you want to run a marketing campaign on Social Media, we'll do the design and
planning for you.

Newsletter Concept

Every company runs their newsletters to inform customers about news. If you happen to do that as well, we'll design the e-mail newsletters you send to your customers, in order to keep them fresh and updated.

Content Writing

Our content writes, plus our AI software we combine, will deliver content for your blogs,
products, newsletters, events, webinars and social media.


Blog content
No more struggling to create the most informative content for your website & blogs.

Real & AI Content Writers

We have real, very experienced people on our team that will write content, that can also use one of our AI tools we use to make sure the content is information-rich
and knowledge-based.

Marketing Content

We can do marketing for your content, for all social media type of posts, newsletters and/or events, webinars, to make sure your customers stay updated with relevant news.

Lead Generation

We differentiate ourselves by being sales focused.  The prime goal of our digital marketing
is to generate sales leads. We can do that too!


Searching & Finding
Using our most powerful lead-gen tools,
we search and find customers for your business.


We add this group of information to a database.

Contact information

We deliver contact information based on
your requirements.

Our References

Work we've done for others

Contact us for a free consultation

about how we can impact on your digital marketing and sales campaigns


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Lead Gen
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